Meanings of the Past is an Oral History Archive project to preserve, celebrate and promote the history of migration and settlement of the Afro-Caribbean communities in White City through the collection of images and audio files among the elderly Afro-Caribbean community living in White City.  
The project presents the collected visual material and audio recordings in a dedicated website which will function as an Oral History Archive of the local Afro Caribbean residents of White City. The collected stories focus on the Afro-Caribbean communities' early memories of settlement in the UK, their experiences, hopes and achievements as well as their stories of adapting to a life in a new country.
The stories will also map the many physical and social changes having taken place through the time in the area, celebrate and highlight the important historical and personal contribution of the Afro Caribbean communities.
In addition, the Oral History Archive will serve as an important asset for the Local and National heritage.
Many of the collected stories have been taken in the Nubian Centre,  a dedicated Afro-Caribbean Elderly home in White City. I would like to thank all the residents that have participated and the kind support provided by the staff and in particular Admira Banner.